Who are we?

The Canberra Region Medical Education Council (CRMEC) is a Ministerial Management Council established by the Minister for Health. The CRMEC's role is to perform accreditation of the intern training program within the ACT and linked regional networks, and provide expertise on education, training and welfare for junior medical doctors.

The Canberra Region Medical Education Council (CRMEC) has opened an Expression of Interest (EoI) process for new members. The Minister for Health will be appointing new senior representatives and a new community/consumer representative to the Council in December 2023. Applications have now opened for submissions of EoI and close on 06 September 2023. More information is contained within the EoI flyers:

Term Descriptions

The CRMEC hosts the current term descriptions for terms in the ACT. Find them on the Junior Doctor and Supervisor Resources website, along with a range of other helpful information for junior doctors.

Junior Doctor and Supervisor Resources

The CRMEC contributes to the development of resources for junior doctors and their supervisors. The Junior Doctor and Supervisor Resources website includes a range of information for new and experienced doctors as teachers, wellbeing resources, career resources, JMO Tips and more!

JMO Association

The Junior Medical Officer Association (JMOA) was established to allow JMO representatives from the ACT Prevocational Network to meet for the purpose of providing a setting for communicating about JMO education, training, teaching, professional development, vocational planning and workforce issues.

Canberra JMOs Website

Looking for Canberra-specific JMO information? The Canberra JMOs website hosts the teaching calendar, term descriptions, employment information and a bunch of excellent education videos.

Contact the CRMEC

The CRMEC welcomes comments and feedback from junior doctors, supervisors and patients in hospitals in the ACT and regional networks. We investigate concerns, and collate positive feedback for commendations and award nominations. The CRMEC Secretariat provides support for hospitals completing accreditation and proviso reporting.

Medical Training Survey

The Medical Training Survey (MTS) is conducted annually by the Medical Board of Australia and Ahpra. The survey results will strengthen the evidence base about the quality of medical training in Australia. The CRMEC supports this annual survey as a strategy to promote continuous quality improvement in doctor training. The MTS opens mid-year every training year.

Accreditation Status

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