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Bullying and harassment resources for JMOs

Bullying and sexual harassment are ongoing issues in the medical workforce, as they are in many other industries. Recent media attention and investigations have highlighted this as a topical issue that requires address. The CRMEC has a significant role in promoting JMO welfare, and providing resources for JMOs who are experiencing bullying and harassment in the work place. The Council supports change in the culture of medicine and is undertaking various education initiatives to promote solutions and empower JMOs.

If you have a concern that cannot be resolved in your facility, contact the CRMEC for investigation, support and advice. The following sites are suggested resources for JMOs exposed to workplace bullying and harassment.

Health and Wellbeing of Junior Doctors

An initiative of the Doctors’ Health Advisory Service (NSW), the Medical Benevolent Association, the AMA Doctors in Training Group, the Resident Medical Officers’ Associations, the Australian Medical Students’ Association, the Clinical Education and Training Institute and the NSW Employee Assistance Program with funding from the Medical Board of NSW (2009).

This website contains self-assessment tools regarding professional quality of life, stress management strategies, discussion of common problems facing JMOs and resources for support and assistance.

South Australia Medical Education and Training bullying and harassment resources 

SAMET have developed a suite of pages addressing bullying and harassment of JMOs. In particular, the present useful strategies for managing workplace bullying on their site “Taking control”.

Australian Human Rights Commission Sexual Harassment resources.

The Australian HRC has information on identifying workplace sexual harassment and outlines procedures for making an official complaint outside of the workplace.

Workplace Resources

National Medical Training Advisory Network Fact sheets

The Australian Department of Health have provided fact sheets on workplace modelling.