Canberra Region Medical Education Council: Expression of Interest

The Canberra Region Medical Education Council (CRMEC) is seeking expressions of interest for membership. The CRMEC is a Ministerial Management Council established by the Minister for Health and Wellbeing. The CRMEC provides leadership and innovation in postgraduate medical education and training in the ACT, develops linkages with accreditation agencies and education providers, and promotes partnerships with relevant national and jurisdictional organisations. The role of the CRMEC is to:

a) provide expert advice to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing regarding the quality of education, training and welfare for junior medical officers (JMO) within the ACT and linked regional networks

b) perform accreditation functions of the intern training program within the ACT.

The CRMEC welcomes participation from those able to provide expert advice on JMO training and accreditation. It is expected that those being appointed to the CRMEC will understand accountability requirements and uphold ethical decision making standards, contribute to strategic thinking and goal setting and be able to communicate effectively and work cooperatively with stakeholders. Interest is sought from:

  • medical administrators
  • clinicians and clinical supervisors
  • education specialists
  • university representatives
  • rural health representatives
  • consumer representatives.

Selection criteria:

  1. Previous experience in governance processes within a healthcare or education context
  2. Previous experience in medical education (excepting consumer representative)
  3. Experience in monitoring of safety and quality in organisations
  4. Experience in high level strategic planning within a healthcare or education context
  5. Demonstrated interest in health outcomes in the ACT and Southern NSW
  6. Demonstrated ability to consistently display commitment to and compliance with Customer Service, Equity and Diversity, Occupational Health and Safety and Industrial Democracy principles and practices and relevant legislation to these areas, and an understanding of and commitment to ACT Health values.

Members will be appointed by the Minister for Health and Wellbeing for a period of three years. Successful applicants who are not employed in an education or health organisation will be remunerated in accordance with the ACT Remuneration Tribunal determination. Meetings of the CRMEC are approximately every second month on Wednesdays at 5pm-7pm.

An expression of interest addressing the selection criteria and including a current curriculum vitae should be submitted by 30 September 2017 to:

Assoc. Prof. Emily Haesler

CRMEC Manager

Phone 6205 9852

For queries contact the CRMEC Chair, Assoc. Prof. Katrina Anderson, or 6244 4951

Download: EOI CRMEC for 2018.pdf