Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee is accountable to the Canberra Region Medical Education Council (CRMEC) for the development of standards and accreditation of training positions and institutions.

CRMEC Accreditation Standards



The functions of the Accreditation Committee are to:

  • Provide expert advice to the CRMEC on matters relating to accreditation of prevocational medical training and undertake accreditation and monitoring of prevocational trainee medical posts, clinical units, facilities and networks with the ACT Network

  • Development of processes, guidelines and standards for postgraduate medical training accreditation which are consistent with the national accreditation guidelines and frameworks

  • Assessment of applications for accreditation of positions against current standards by document review and site visits as appropriate

  • Advise the ACT Board of the Medical Board of Australia on the institutional requirements for intern training



Accreditation Committee

Jenny Berrill – Consumer representative

Dr Kim Bland, – Paediatric registrar, The Canberra Hospital

Dr Jamie Christie – Postgraduate Medical Education Officer, Staff specialist emergency medicine

Dr Rob Griffin – Chair, Medical coordinator and surveyor at Australian Council on HealthCare Standards

Dr Nick Holt, Junior Medical Officer representative

Dr Luzinda Lo, Junior Medical Officer representative

Dr Cameron Maxwell – Senior resident, The Canberra Hospital

Dr Renata Pajtak, Junior Medical Officer representative

Dr Farah Sethna, Staff specialist, The Canberra Hospital

Dr Diana Tracy – Clinical Lecturer, Psychological & Addiction Medicine Canberra Hospital


Accreditation Committee TOR

CRMEC Terms of Reference


Upcoming CRMEC Accreditation Committee Meetings

Proviso reports, changes of circumstance and any other business must be received by the CRMEC office 2 weeks prior to meeting dates.


19 February 2019

5.30 – 7.00pm


16 April 2019

5:30 – 7:00pm


25 June 2019

5:30  – 7:00pm


Accredited Training Terms

CRMEC Register of terms September 2018

Accreditation Status

South East Regional Hospital

South East Regional Hospital was awarded a three year accreditation in September 2018. 
The hospital is due to be reaccredited by CRMEC and Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) in September 2021.
Accreditation report available soon.

Calvary Health Care ACT

Calvary Health Care ACT was visited by a survey team in October 2018 and is awaiting the accreditation outcome.
Accreditation report available soon.

Canberra Hospital and Health Services

Canberra Hospital and Health Services was awarded a three year accreditation in September 2017.  
The hospital is due to be reaccredited by CRMEC in September 2020.
Accreditation Report

Goulburn Base Hospital

Goulburn Base Hospital was awarded a three year accreditation in October 2016.
he hospital is due to be accredited by CRMEC and HETI in October 2019.
Accreditation Report

Moruya Hospital

Moruya Hospital has applied for accreditation of a new training program.

The hospital will undergo provisional accreditation in 2018.